Round boar bristle brush


Natural wood brush and natural boar bristles.

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Brushing is an essential ritual in the daily maintenance of your beard.
Bearded people know that this step has unique relaxing virtues.

In order to look the best you have to brush your facial fleece every day.
The brush will reduce the volume of the beard, to finally neutralize the shaggy effect and thus give you a more elegant and sophisticated look.
It also serves to even out the density of the beard and to hide imperfections if it is a sparse hair.
Brushing your beard therefore revitalizes the epidermis and eliminates dead skin. It also stimulates your blood circulation.
Promote the production of sebum in your skin and accelerate hair growth.
Your skin will say thank you, and your beard will be fuller.
With our brush made of natural wood and natural boar bristles, you will not suffer the effects of static electricity.
Plastic brushes have an annoying tendency to swell the hair.

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