How to use a shaving brush for the perfect lather?
Here are the 3 steps to follow!

Step 1: Preparation of the shaving brush and the skin

Wet and wring out your shaving brush just before loading.
Wring it out, squeezing the tuft in your hand, without pushing it too hard, so that it stays a little damp inside!
Moisten your face, unless you have already filed for a pre-shave.

2nd step: loading the shaving brush

Load the shaving brush with cream by making circular movements on the soap (in a bowl or a shaving mug) for 20 to 30 seconds to remove enough soap and thus form a beautiful foam on the tuft of badger. If you see that the foam remains a bit too hard, add a few drops of lukewarm water to your shaving brush. But be careful, never too much water, it should never be completely soaked, just moderately wet!

3ème Étape : Shaving brush
"phase of applying the foam to your face".

Spread the mousse on your face in two steps:
First of all circular gestures to continue to mount the foam on your face (yes, part is done in the bowl or mug, and the other on the face).
Once the foam is well assembled, this time make small more straight movements such as small strokes of the brushes, to flatten the surface of the shaving foam, because the foam should be neither too airy nor too thick.
If you want to do several shaving passes, keep your shaving brush placed vertically while waiting for the next pass.

shaving brush-2021

It's okay, now you're ready for a great shave!
You can now proudly wear your new, healthy and mellow fleece.
We hope these steps will help you take care of your beard and skin.


Here are a few tips :

Use and maintenance of our Comb

To prevent your hairs from growing haphazardly and to avoid tangles, get in the habit of combing your beard regularly.
Brushing in the morning helps stimulate blood circulation in the cheeks. Brushing your beard daily helps untangle your beard and prevents the appearance of knots. Regular brushing also helps increase blood flow to the hair follicle (the cavity in which hair begins to grow) in order to promote the growth of hair on your beard. Brush as many times as you want! Morning, noon, evening and as soon as you have five minutes! The more you brush or style your beard, the more she will thank you.

Avoid combing your beard with a plastic comb because the static electricity generated by the passage of the comb greatly promotes the appearance of knots. For a soft and disciplined beard, brush your beard regularly (any time of the day!). Delicately and in the direction of the grain.

Unlike the majority of other combs which require you to use them on a dry hair so as not to weaken and damage your hair by breaking the knots, our Beard Weiser Shop Comb is easy to use when you get out of the shower, because it does not break your hairs but gently detangles them!

Despite a stainless steel and unbreakable, it is necessary to clean your comb regularly.
After each use: Remove any hair that could be trapped between its teeth, and clean the comb with a mild soap then dry it with a towel or a very dry cloth.

You can now proudly wear your new, healthy and mellow fleece.
We hope these steps will help you take care of your beard and skin.


Here are a few tips :

Use of our Oils and Balms

Use of our Oils and Balms

In the morning, use this balm after cleaning and drying your beard,
and at any time of the day to give it back some pep's.
Heat a dab of balm between your hands.
Apply deeply to your beard while massaging gently.
Comb and brush your beard.

* Promote the balm in the morning and throughout my day!

* Favor the oil in the evening before going to bed, for hydration all night long!

Use of our Oils and Balms

Heat a few drops of oil between your hands and apply to your beard deep down to your skin.
The amount of oil depends on the length of your fleece.
For a long beard, favor a dozen drops.

It is essential to use an oil or a balm for the daily maintenance of your beard. Beard oil will nourish and hydrate the skin and hair. It will also soften the hair and make it softer. The beard balm has the same benefits but also a structuring power, thanks to the different butters and waxes present in the composition!

You can now proudly wear your new, healthy and mellow fleece.
We hope these steps will help you take care of your beard and skin.

Allergy Information - Please perform a patch test before use. Although our balms and oils are 100% natural, organic and vegan, they may contain allergensfor some individuals.

Maintain your beard on a daily basis

scaly irritated dry beard

You struggle with a dry, itchy beard, scaly skin under the beard, or the itchy feeling are usually due to ineffective grooming routine you may have currently.

Here are some steps to fix it!

1st step

Make sure to wash your beard with a soap or beard shampoo. A good beard soap is specially formulated to remove dead skin cells while also retaining certain natural oils in the skin and hair. However, regular shampoos and soaps can be very harsh on the hair and skin on your face.
due to the high salt / sulphate content, which is found in most of them. Gently wet your beard. Then bring your soap or shampoo
then lather it in your hands. Massage your hair deeply to the root to touch the skin and exfoliate dead cells. Then rinse your beard with lukewarm water. Wash your beard every other day or twice
per week, that's good !
We want to keep natural oils.

2nd step

Dry your beard well ! Another reason for skin irritation is that it stays wet. In these humid and warm conditions, bacteria can start to grow and even cause fungal problems. You absolutely want to prevent it from reaching this stage, as it will be very difficult to deal with it properly.
topical creams the skin under a full beard. The last thing you want to do is trim it after all that hard work growing it l Finally dry your beard by patting it gently with a clean towel. You can, however, use a hair dryer in the cool or warm position, never hot. It will also allow you to style your beard lightly and help keep the hair tidy.

3rd step

Always moisturize the skin after washing and
drying with a good beard oil or balm.
Oils and balms basically do the same thing, but the balm provides beard hold for the style you want. However, make sure to reach the skin
below when applying because beard oils and balms are mainly beneficial for the beard. Well hydrated skin will continue to nourish the hairs. Finally, comb or brush your beard.

You can now proudly wear your new, healthy and mellow fleece.
We hope these steps will help you take care of your beard and skin.