Here are a few tips :

Use of our Oils and Balms

Use of our Oils and Balms

In the morning, use this balm after cleaning and drying your beard,
and at any time of the day to give it back some pep’s.
Heat a dab of balm between your hands.
Apply deeply to your beard while massaging gently.
Comb and brush your beard.

* Promote the balm in the morning and throughout my day!

* Favor the oil in the evening before going to bed, for hydration all night long!

Use of our Oils and Balms

Heat a few drops of oil between your hands and apply to your beard deep down to your skin.
The amount of oil depends on the length of your fleece.
For a long beard, favor a dozen drops.

It is essential to use an oil or a balm for the daily maintenance of your beard. Beard oil will nourish and hydrate the skin and hair. It will also soften the hair and make it softer. The beard balm has the same benefits but also a structuring power, thanks to the different butters and waxes present in the composition!

You can now proudly wear your new, healthy and mellow fleece.
We hope these steps will help you take care of your beard and skin.

Allergy Information – Please perform a patch test before use. Although our balms and oils are 100% natural, organic and vegan, they may contain allergensfor some individuals.