Here are a few tips :

Use and maintenance of our Comb

To prevent your hairs from growing haphazardly and to avoid tangles, get in the habit of combing your beard regularly.
Brushing in the morning helps stimulate blood circulation in the cheeks. Brushing your beard daily helps untangle your beard and prevents the appearance of knots. Regular brushing also helps increase blood flow to the hair follicle (the cavity in which hair begins to grow) in order to promote the growth of hair on your beard. Brush as many times as you want! Morning, noon, evening and as soon as you have five minutes! The more you brush or style your beard, the more she will thank you.

Avoid combing your beard with a plastic comb because the static electricity generated by the passage of the comb greatly promotes the appearance of knots. For a soft and disciplined beard, brush your beard regularly (any time of the day!). Delicately and in the direction of the grain.

Unlike the majority of other combs which require you to use them on a dry hair so as not to weaken and damage your hair by breaking the knots, our Beard Weiser Shop Comb is easy to use when you get out of the shower, because it does not break your hairs but gently detangles them!

Despite a stainless steel and unbreakable, it is necessary to clean your comb regularly.
After each use: Remove any hair that could be trapped between its teeth, and clean the comb with a mild soap then dry it with a towel or a very dry cloth.

You can now proudly wear your new, healthy and mellow fleece.
We hope these steps will help you take care of your beard and skin.